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We offer a music video production service to help bands from all

over the country produce high quality music promos to accompany

their studio recorded track.

We can supply cast, crew and kit to suit whatever size video you

are looking for and covering all types of music. Prices can vary to

suit your needs. If you have an idea we can incorporate that or let

us come up with the angle for the video.

If you have a band or are a solo performer looking for a music promo then please get in touch.

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Eye of the Storm

A green screen music promo for the band FranKo, set on Route 66 and during a storm.


D-Jukes feat. Lateysha:

"You Beautiful"

US rapper, D-Jukes, performs his track, "You Beautiful", with Lateysha Grace. Broadcast on MTV.


Tommy Bastow:

"No one"

Solo artist, Tommy Bastow, performs his track, "No one", set in an old theatre long ago.

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