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"80% of web users have watched a video ad online, 52% took action after viewing the ad. 15% visited the store and 12% made a purchase". Source - Yellow Pages

We can produce videos for your service or brand to play either

online or on television. Our work has proven to be a great marketing

tool, enabling companies to get information across in an exciting and

visually arresting way rather than being purely text and still image

based. We are all about communicating your message and ethos,

and story is the best way to get that across.  Eliciting that emotion

from your audience; making them laugh or cry through narrative, is

the way to convert that audience in to customers.   

Maybe there's drama, maybe it's striking photography, or amusing animations, or all three, we can put together a video that captures your audience's attention.

Once completed your video can play on all your social media platforms to help spread your message far and wide. Maybe you want to play it as part of a presentation at a conference or show, it's all up to you!


Polar Bear Windows:

TV commercial

A TV commercial for Bristol based company, Polar Bear Windows, featuring a fully CGI polar bear interacting with a family.



Creative Technology

Two online promotional films. One to help entice IT professionals to join their company, and an About Us video so people can learn more about Chorus.


Haulfryn Holiday Park:

The Warren

A promotional video for Haulfryn holiday park, "The Warren", and its picturesque surroundings in North Wales.



Teaching Shakespeare

A series of educational videos for teachers on teaching Shakespeare to students in schools and colleges.


Ace Cannon:

Retro 80s TV titles

Retro TV titles like the classic 1980s sci-fi/action shows in the US, to accompany a brand new stage show.


Agile Bear: 

Scrum training

A series of tutorial videos for scrum trainers & coaches who work with enterprises to help deliver products, build teams, and change organisations.


Haulfryn Holiday Park:

Pen Y Garth

A promotional videos for Haulfryn holiday park, "Pen Y Garth", and the surrounding area.


Bastow Enterprises:

Dont Be A Cant

A humorous promotional film titled "Dont Be A Cant", to accompany the book launch of the same name.


Brave Productions:

Coaching & Presenting

A 10-part series of online presentation videos covering every aspect of presenting.

finlake still3.jpg

Haulfryn Holiday Park:


A promotional video for Haulfryn holiday park, "Finlake", near Exeter, Devon.


Crown International:

VMC Pole

A promotional video demonstrating the time and cost savings achieved by installing a VMC sign pole on UK motorways.  

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