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FORMAT: 2 x Promotion films; Why work for us? and About Us.

RUNNING TIME: 2 minutes per film.

CLIENT: Chorus


To create two online promotional films for IT specialists, Chorus. The aim

of the two films was to entice talented IT professionals to work for them,

and also to showcase who Chorus are as a company. 

Chorus came to the table with clear thoughts on which direction they

wanted the films to go in regarding the look and feel.  They were

adamant the films had to be fresh, not look cheesy or staged, or feel 

like other more generic corporate films online.


Through the camera style and editing we adopted an

"of-the-moment" almost documentary feel to the films to give each

promo a fresh edge.  This helped avoid the staged and cheesy vibe some

other corporate promos can have.  The camera is moving and also the

images often have a narrow depth of field so the background is out of

focus, not only adding production value but also helping to guide the

audience's eye. The editing was also fairly pacy to keep the running time

swift and keep the audience's attention.


Chorus: Why work for us?

Chorus: About us

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