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We offer a range of services for clients to cover every eventuality when producing their video.



Motion graphics and Animation:


Motion graphics can really add sparkle and shine to any video

bringing it to life with a visual flair. Animation is also used to help

illustrate complex work models and designs and really help audiences

understand what is being presented. 

Perhaps you require some green screen or Computer Generated

Imagery (CGI) for your drama film or reconstruction? We can advise

on set and produce the film graphics needed.


Aerial filming:


Aerial filming can really add production value to your film.

Drone cameras can fly to places and offer a perspective

we never get to see. Our pilot has a full CAA licence and



It could be establishing a magnificent building or structure

to show its scale or location, or moving along side a

vehicle to show speed. Aerial footage can be used in any

type of film from covering events to helping to sell your

product or location. See our Drone showreel by playing the

video on the right.


Human Resource and Recruitment films:


Sometimes you may require a video to stay in-house.

You might need to demonstrate a new policy to all of your

staff, or use it as a recruitment tool to show new perspective

employees what they might expect if they come and work for

you.  We can capture the essence of your business and

help carry that message.

Presentation videos:


Whatever you're selling, we can make a video to help convey the message and

the ethos of you and the product itself. We've produced videos to improve

presentation skills, provide instruction, and deliver tutorials.


Either a member of your team, or one of our talented presenters can present to

camera in a studio with auto-cue to really make sure the information is received

professionally and succinctly.

Charity and public sector films:

Whenever you make a video for a charity or a company in the public sector,

you need to ensure that the film resonates with audiences to help carry the

message long after the film has been viewed. Our team of talented production

crew can make sure that happens when getting your message out to the





We love to produce cutting edge dramas of all shapes and sizes. We've

worked with ITV Television, various creative agencies, and schools, as well as producing our own dramatic content. Some of our work has won awards around the world at various festivals and even Best Directing and Best Sound nominations at the Royal Television Society.

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