FORMAT: Music Video.

RUNNING TIME: 3.46 minutes.


The band FranKo and their management approached us to

produce their new music promo.  The track, Eye of the Storm,

was to be a performance piece with a difference. 


Sitting down at the creative table, a literal approach was

suggested with placing the band in the middle of a storm but

setting it somewhere visually interesting like Route 66 in the USA. In order

to achieve this, it would mean a mixture of special effects and visual effects

would be required to deliver the desired look. 


A green screen studio was used to shoot the action and practical wind

machines were brought in to achieve the effects of the storm on the band.

CG artist, Alan Tabrett, at Hanover Pictures was in charge of creating the full

CGI environment, including the road, buildings, the sky, rain, and the storm effects. The total number of visual effects shots contained in the final promo topped 107.  


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