FranKo: "Eye of the Storm" - Music video

Tommy Bastow
Richard Craker
Chris Gilbertson
Ricky Rayner

Producer/Director/Editor - Paul Dudbridge
Camera Operator - Simon Pearce
Director of Photography - Roger Pearce
Visual Effects - Alan Tabrett

Format: XDCAM HD
Running time: 3:50 mins
Aspect ratio: 16/9
Edited on: Avid Media Composer
Visual Effects on: After Effects
Modo, PFtrack, Photoshop

"Craker Music Company" approached Hanover to produce another video for the band "FranKo", after the successful release of "Vienna". The shoot took place at Vision Studios in Portishead, near Bristol, utilising their green screen stage. The green screen will then be removed so that the band can be placed in a different environment. The performance based video sees the band performing on a road in middle America during a storm with wind and rain!

The regular camera team of Simon Pearce on Camera and Roger Pearce as Director of Photography were called in to shoot the video. The production shot on the brand new PMW500 HD camera recording in 1080/25p. Shooting on this new camera means the footage is recorded to special memory cards rather than tape. Being such a visual effects heavy production, the footage is then already in a digital format to transfer to the computer for doing the visual effects work.

The physical elements to help create the storm were provided by special FX company MTFX. Two big wind machines were used to blow the band around the stage to help sell the storm environment. In addition, before each take, make-up team Victoria Tiplady and Eleanor Roberts hosed down the band with cold water! Wetting their hair and clothes, the band really did suffer for their art! Stylist Felicia Pearce was also on board to get the right look and feel for the band with their outfits.

Gaffer Colin Holloway worked with Director of Photography Roger Pearce to rig some pretty big lights around the set to light the green screen and to light the band. Big 5k Tungsten lights were rigged with orange gel (CTO) to create a orange sunset look. A 2.5 HMI was used to create a cool feel from the opposite side. A dolly track was used to move the camera on the wide shots and a ladder pod was brought in to execute a really high angle on singer Tommy Bastow as he looks up to the rain in the middle of the track. The rain will be added as computer graphics (CG) later on.

Visual Effects Technical Information:

Early concept art was drawn up by Visual Effects Supervisor Alan Tabrett and Director Paul Dudbridge, and ideas were sent to the record company to show what was in the works and keep them up to date every step of the production process. Shooting in a studio meant total control over the elements to be added rather than on location. A green screen studio is used so a replacement background can be placed behind if the one wanted might not be available or to have more control over elements like weather, as in this case with the Eye of the Storm.

After the edit was completed on Avid's Media Composer 5.5, all 110 shots were turned over to Alan Tabrett to begin work. Alan constructed the entire 3D environment of the empty road and sky using software packages Modo and Photoshop. 3D tracking software PfTrack was used to create a camera in the virtual environment. This was then composited with the main live action band footage using Adobe's After Effects; a split screen of which can be seen on the right. The plug-in Keylight was used for keying and Video Co-Pilot's Optical Flares for some of the lightning effects as well as Video Co-Pilot's Action Essentials, which provided elements such as dust and smoke that were all inserted into the shots.

Visual Effects Supervisor Alan Tabrett and Jon Biggins were on set to make sure the shots contained the important tracking marker information. Markers are used to allow the computer graphics software, like PfTrack and After Effects to track the movement of the camera and that information can then be applied to the CG background so everything moves as one to sell the illusion of everything being one shot. If the tracking is not extremely accurate the two images will move at different times to each other destroying the illusion. Magic Bullet's "Looks" was the final additional software applied to the finished edit for creating the overall distinctive look of the video.

"FranKo" are managed by Craker Music Company

Watch the behind the scenes making of the "Eye of the Storm" video here.

Running time : 3.46 mins